Gijima Newcastle Helpdesk 

Technical support for Newcastle Steel and Vereeniging Steel of ArcelorMittal, South Africa:

If you have any enquiries or you have encountered a technical problem, please contact the Gijima Newcastle Helpdesk to open a help desk call. This enables us to follow-up your request or problem. 

 Please provide the following information when placing a call:

  • State that you are a registered client of ArcelorMittal, South Africa.

  • Your full name and surname.

  • Your company name.

  • Your login name (registered users only).

  • Your Newcastle or Vereeniging account number.

  • The details of the request or problem.

Telephone number: 

(034) 314 - 8143

This service is available during office hours.

The Gijima Helpdesk will forward your call to the appropriate support personnel to be  followed up.